About Us

Elastikworks has been developed by a small team based in the Edinburgh, Scotland.

The development started as a spin-off application for a CO2 storage Portal we were working on as part of a multi-discipliniary team, as we had an immediate need to document all our tasks, manage resources and measure progress. Since then it is used in-house to manage all the business processes for the company, has been used for an associate company Trackplot to manage all the sales leads, stock and finances.

Elastikworks is now being used to manage all our projects, which enables us to easily share documents and tasks with our clients who are located around the globe.

Elastikworks has grown from a very simple workflow management tool to a very flexible and powerful cloud based business tool. Development is ongoing and in the next few months a whole range of new features will be released (closed source) followed by the launch of a SaaS in Q2 2014.

Elastikworks is a brandname of MAPIX technologies Ltd

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