Elastikworks is a web based application which can be accessed from any web browser, tablet or smartphone.

It provides the ability to share business information and tasks across the whole enterprise. A central depository for the majority of your business information, be it tasks, sales enquiries, stock, supplier details, expenses, timesheets and customer contacts.

Typically a business will hold separate databases for each department, with very little connection between them. Multiple databases mean multiple programs to learn, support and maintain which becomes inefficient and costly.

Elastikworks can link different databases together (sales enquiries with customer contacts, expenses with employee details) ensuring you have detailed information required quickly.

Elastikworks does away with lots of Excel spreadsheets which are typically used to store database type information (ie stock levels). Excel is convenient and easy to use, configuring a spreadsheet to a particular task, however once it makes it way around the office (with numerous people making changes) it is near impossible to keep all these changes in one place and not everyone will have the latest copy.

Elastikworks provides you with the flexibility of a spreadsheet, designing your own fields, but the power and benefits of a centralised database.

Elastikworks is designed for ease of use, simplicity and flexibility. We recognise that no two businesses are the same, they want to store and hold information differently and leverage this information as far as possible to ensure efficiency, profitability and growth.

Elastikworks enables different tasks in the business to be formalised through documenting the workflow. It provides a means to work through a task, “ticking off” each step as you progress. It enables one to see what the state of each task is and set priorities or allocate resources more effectively. It is an effective workflow management tool, each task (or ticket) has a “status” showing where in the workflow process it is at.

Elastikworks can be tailored to suit the way you do business, it (unlike a lot of other software applications) does not force you to change the way you do things. It does however ensure you are aware of what tasks still need to be complete, and enables you to access this information where ever you or your colleagues might be located.


  • Simple and efficient way to work through business tasks.
  • Effective means to keep on top of and control business activities and projects
  • Centralised depository for all your business information, making you more efficient
  • All business information in one place, making working easier quicker decision making
  • Easy to share information with colleagues, customers or with a project team
  • No duplication of data, no “multiple” copies scattered around the office
  • Easy to use, easy to access, easy to share
  • Makes the business more efficient, effective thereby for saving time and money
  • Easy to understand: visualise information in a number of ways: textually, graphs, calender, maps
  • Easy to analyse your business data, create KPIs and overview maps